Michael English

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Michael was a sheep farmer in Western Australia before joining the Royal Australian Air Force as an intelligence officer in 2005. He has served in tactical and operational-level roles, mainly in the joint (all-service) environment. He deployed to the Australian joint HQ as staff intelligence analyst (J22) in 2009-10. Becoming a very active reservist in 2011, he served on extensive deployments to Coalition operational headquarters in the Middle East in 2012 and again in 2013, and was J2 (Joint HQ intelligence officer) in Kabul in 2016.

Outside of defence work Michael focused increasingly on finance and the monetary system. In recent years he has been developing several projects such as the ‘Global Reserve System’, a solution for monetary problems such as currency and interest rate risk, and the ‘Commercial Security Guild’, addressing KYC/AML issues. He is currently a consulting intelligence analyst in Perth, WA, and has been working with ASIF Group (https://asifgroup.com.au/) to develop the ‘national interest investing’ concept. He has also written a white paper to introduce the ‘Subspace Project’, a comprehensive solution to the challenge of online content monetisation.

Michael has diverse interests and a broad educational background. From the University of Western Australia, he has a Bachelor of Economics degree majoring in economic history and finance, Bachelor of Arts (politics & philosophy), and Bachelor of Letters (French, German, and honours in history); from the University of Sydney, Master of International Law; and from the Australian National University, Master of Archaeological Science.