The world of premium content is getting bigger…

World of Progress

News and opinion of a generally socialist, radical, or just vaguely left variety, appealing mainly to viewers who are proudly woke. 

World of Liberty

News and opinion of a generally conservative, libertarian, or non-left variety, appealing mainly to viewers lacking in wokeness.    

World of Action

Stunts, trick shots, sports, and all the real-life action that is good to watch.

World of Entertainment

Entertainment news and reviews, interviews, commentary, interesting facts and theories, far more than you need to know about movies.  

Finance & Economics

Market news and opinion, economic discussion, personal finance, bears, bulls and gold bugs.  

Motivation & Success

Inspirational stories and speeches, motivational memes, entrepreneurial encouragement.

Health & Fitness

For people who are serious about living a long and athletic life, preferably while looking like a superhero. 

Food & Lifestyle

Cooking, fashion, beauty, and pastimes of bewildering variety.  


History, archaeology, and a world without internet.


Military history, military equipment, epic battles, and people who like guns.


Science fiction, fantasy, comics, toys, cyberpunk, steampunk, solarpunk, and so many things that normies just won’t understand. 


Alternative research, alternative health, alternative consciousness, and a weekend in Magonia.

Science Reality

Theories, facts, numbers, machines, explosions, things in space, and things that don’t quite go as planned.    

Virtual Reality

Old games, new games, people playing games, a whole generation that is not getting much work done.

Curiosity Shop

Funny and interesting oddities, entertaining distractions, facts that are strange but true, plus a few that are just strange.    

Spirit Channel

See what is written on the cards or in the stars and you may be guided to an alchemical wedding.