Traders of all kinds will find global dollars useful as a neutral medium of exchange that maintains equivalent financial value through time. Currency risks can only be avoided entirely by adopting a properly financial standard of value, which essentially refers to international investment opportunity cost. The various estimates and hedging techniques of modern finance represent an attempt to construct meaningful financial values on the shaky foundations of conventional money. These are complex, expensive, and partial solutions. Traders can simply avoid these complications with global dollars, through global dollar accounts or directly with OTC Global Reserve Notes. Global dollar bank accounts will eventually operate as they would for any other currency, and there will be no need for global dollar holders to convert their money into another form to neutralise risk or preserve value. In a market context, Global Reserve Notes will be ideal as a neutral store of value for uninvested funds.

All forms of credit denominated in national currencies are subject to financial risks that turn both lenders and borrowers into speculators. The base rate of interest for global dollars is constant at zero, effectively eliminating a key element of uncertainty. By reflecting global investment opportunity cost through price rather than explicit interest, the global dollar will radically simplify the expression of debts and other deferred payments. Credit risks may even be reduced to some extent by the tendency for global dollar liabilities to be correlated with investor assets. For multinational businesses and financial institutions, consolidating multi-currency settlement obligations as global dollars effectively neutralises currency and interest rate exposures.